Emerald Green With Envy?

Pantone finally released their choice for color of the year 2013 and it should have all the Irish dancing in the clover because it’s Emerald Green. Setting aside the Irish for a moment and their love for the color, did Pantone get it right this time? Okay they picked the color, let’s see what we […]

Name Meshing… What?

The latest trend in the UK is for couples to blend their names when they marry. Called meshing, it gives an professional women that do not wish to lose their last name an alternative to hyphenating. Meshing can have some hidden dangers. The example always given is of Michael Pugh and Rebecca Griffin, who changed […]

Halloween Weddings

Pink dresses aside Halloween Brides happen to be one of the more enthusiastic groups when it comes to thinking outside the box. Underneath all the blood and gore is there really true love? Mickey a drama major says there is. She has been looking forward for All Hallows Eve since she started planning her wedding.”We […]

Pretty In Pink? We Don’t Think So.

Are the days of the white wedding gown gone? Will the tradition fall by the wayside like yesterday’s news? The media is saying, “Jessica Biel, who married Justin Timberlake in a private ceremony, wore a pink gown instead of the traditional white costume.” Really a “white costume”? Is that the direction the media would like […]

Boldly Marrying Where No One Has Married Before

Two people in love, Klingon style. On Saturday, approximately 17,000 “trekkies” attended the Destination Star Trek London convention — and two attendees definitely stood out from the crowd. Reuters reports that Swedish couple Jossie Sockertopp, 23, and Sonnie Gustavsson, 29, tied the knot in a Klingon ceremony, complete with traditional Starfleet garb and Klingon phrases. […]

Spectacular Wedding Cakes

Eye candy for your special day Just when you thought you had an idea for your wedding cake, Rachael Teufel cake designer and owner of Colorado-based Intricate Icing Designs, has come up with some ideas that will blow your mind. Has you can see in her photos Rachael has come up with some pretty awesome […]

2013 Wedding Colors Are Here

Pantone was gracious to release the 2013 wedding color trends. Some of them are not that surprising. The forecast calls for Monaco Blue, Grayed Jade, Emerald, Dusk Blue, Tender Shoots, African Violet, Lemon Zest, Linen, Nectarine, and Poppy Red. These new colors give you lots to work when planning wedding in Southern Idaho.