Halloween Weddings

Photo: Pink Cake Box

Pink dresses aside Halloween Brides happen to be one of the more enthusiastic groups when it comes to thinking outside the box. Underneath all the blood and gore is there really true love? Mickey a drama major says there is. She has been looking forward for All Hallows Eve since she started planning her wedding.”We love drama and the thrill of the stage as much as we love each other. So why not mix the two?”

You wont see flowered centerpieces, but you may see caldrons and dead rats. As Halloween grows into the second largest holiday next to Christmas, more and more brides are opting for the different, the more unusual wedding that will make Aunt Hilda when she flies in on her broom quite at home.

“Everyone is already doing the costume thing”, Mickey says, “Most of them are drama geeks like me so it will be great.”

Yes even on Halloween every bride will look boo-tiful.