Pretty In Pink? We Don’t Think So.

Photo People Magazine

Are the days of the white wedding gown gone? Will the tradition fall by the wayside like yesterday’s news? The media is saying, “Jessica Biel, who married Justin Timberlake in a private ceremony, wore a pink gown instead of the traditional white costume.” Really a “white costume”? Is that the direction the media would like to take weddings? It makes it sound like brides are dressing as rabbits and in other “white costumes”, when in reality they are keeping an age old tradition of wearing a beautiful white wedding gown. Don’t get us wrong, Jessica is stunning in this pink gown, but she is also a celebrity bride and it is accepted by her fans and friends alike.

Some advice from our in house planners. There is nothing wrong with having the wedding of your dreams. After all it is YOUR wedding but try not to over think things and move too far outside the box and risk alienating your friends and loved ones. When you go to a wedding and see the white gown you know it’s the bride. Start giving it different colors and the confusion will set in as to who’s wedding it really is. Even Cinderella who wore a colored gown to the ball, wore a white gown to be married in. Leave the colored gowns for the Prom.