Take The Cake

Tired of the “money dance”? Very popular in many cultures, money dance is the age-old way to get a little spending money for a couple’s honeymoon. A new clever way to add a little money to the honeymoon coffers is this. Take and place a sign next to the cake along with two jars. Whoever […]

Southern Idaho Bride App

We have been keeping this under wraps for a while now, but we will soon have the ultimate in wedding apps for your iphone, android or tablet. You will not only be able to access cool current ideas from our website, you will also have our vendor directory right at your fingertips. Also all our […]

Twofer Cake

The trend of having a wedding cake and a grooms cake have finally come together. Check out this very cool yet trendy idea. As you can see one side is a beautifully decorated wedding cake that gives way to the grooms comic book hero fantasies around the back. When placed on a turntable you can […]

A Letter To Brides & Grooms

By Stephanie Padovani This is a letter written to brides and grooms in response to repeated negatively biased news programs and “expose’s” about wedding industry scams and ripoffs. We spend WAY more than 4 hours on your wedding. Couples are often shocked at the price tag attached to their wedding services.  “But I’m only hiring […]