Emerald Green With Envy?

Courtesy of Pantone

Pantone finally released their choice for color of the year 2013 and it should have all the Irish dancing in the clover because it’s Emerald Green. Setting aside the Irish for a moment and their love for the color, did Pantone get it right this time?

Okay they picked the color, let’s see what we can do with it. Emerald Green is an easy color to add to an existing color scheme, but using it as  the primary color in your wedding could have you feeling a little green around the gills. Back in the 20’s (the last time it was popular) it had a huge following. Women loved to dress in Emerald Green, but in today’s color lineup, it comes across as such a rich color it does not seem to work well by itself.

Being a natural color, when coupled with other shades of greens and most any other color, it can give you a color pallet that pops. Teamed up with the other Pantone color choices for 2013, Emerald Green can add the accent you are looking for and it can be found in everything from your flowers to that mountain field you have been dreaming of saying your I dos in.