Take The Cake

Tired of the “money dance”? Very popular in many cultures, money dance is the age-old way to get a little spending money for a couple’s honeymoon. A new clever way to add a little money to the honeymoon coffers is this. Take and place a sign next to the cake along with two jars. Whoever […]

Twofer Cake

The trend of having a wedding cake and a grooms cake have finally come together. Check out this very cool yet trendy idea. As you can see one side is a beautifully decorated wedding cake that gives way to the grooms comic book hero fantasies around the back. When placed on a turntable you can […]

Let Them Eat Puffs

The French call it a Croquembouche. We call it yummy. It’s a sweet alternative to a regular wedding cake. This deletable wedding cake replacement is composed of  profiteroles or cream puffs piled in a conical shape and held together with caramelized sugar. Using tongs guests pull free a couple of “puffs” and place them on […]