Get That Brides Maid Dress Color Right

Paint ChipsWhen your brides maids live in different parts of the country and you have a certain color in mind when it comes to their dresses it can be a major issue unless all the dresses come from the same manufacturer and are all the same style. Face it ladies the same style doesn’t work unless your BMs are models or NFL cheerleaders. Face it none of us can be so lucky. Enter the trend of allowing the BMs to have different styles,  but all with the same color of fabric. The color gives a thread of continuity to you special day.

Back to the problem at hand. How can you get the same color dress say in New York City as you do in Twin Falls Idaho? Enter Lowes or Home Depot. Wait a minute are they not guy stores? How can they help?

Pick one or the other, grab your fabric swatch and head to the paint department. Narrow down the closest color to what you want the brides maid dresses to be and snag a color tile (or 3). Hand them out locally and email the number code from the tile and where you picked it up to anyone you are wanting to know what your color will be. The planner, decorator, venue, photo booth people, formal wear place for the guys, etc.

Since Lowes and Home Depot are in most every place in the country (even Manhattan New York), everyone will be on the same page in regards to your. color and everyone will match on the day of.