Knock Off Disaster

The urge to go cheap has been fueled by technology over the years to the point brides are tempted in dozens of ways by websites and ads all claiming to be “exactly like” or the “same as” when it comes to dresses, gowns and even entertainment and decor. To the chagrin of brides and grooms planning their special day, few realize their mistake until a few days prior and sometimes on the day of their wedding.

“But it’s so easy to order online and it’s cheaper.” Is “cheap” really what you are looking for when it comes to one of the most important days in your life? Is “cheap” the word you want your guests and family to use when describing your gown, the bridesmaids dresses, the music or the decorations? Is “cheap” at the top of the list for wedding memories you want to share with your grandkids one day?

Let’s take a look at some real disasters when brides cut corners. First, when it comes to ordering their gowns on the internet from unknown sources including China.

Gown Disasters

gown1The photo on the left is what was on the website, on the right is what arrived three days prior to the wedding.

Once again the gown on the left is what was ordered, the one on the right is the one that arrived from China.

It’s not only the look, the fit, the construction (or lack of) that is the problem, some of the gowns that are imported from China have been found to have high levels of toxic chemicals like lead. The chemicals of concern found in dresses and gowns include: phthalates, linked to birth defects, reduced fertility, cancer, learning disabilities, diabetes. So is it really worth the risk?

On to the Music side of things

Yes they DJ on the side

The national rate for the average wedding DJ is around $1200-$1500 according to Weddingwire and The Knot. If you are budgeting $200-$500, be prepared for a facepalm of epic proportions when you realize your mistake in front of family, friends and guests at your reception.

Decorations Time

Decorations are one of the few things that brides and grooms think about when it comes to spending money on. They will drop up to a thousand dollars on flowers, then go to the local party store and buy plastic table linens. They will see something on pintrest and think that they can create the exact same thing with little or no artistic ability. After hours of time and money invested, the end result is lackluster compared to the “look” that can be created by a professional.

In the end you need to be thrifty, but not CHEAP. Make a list of everything you would like for your dream wedding and using 1-10, prioritize the items on the list with 1 being the most important. Then enter the costs and divide your budget accordingly. Use local vendors, dress shops, tuxedo rental shop and DJ event companies that have local owners who can get personal with you and care about your business and do it as a real business, not a hobby or sideline. These are your neighbors that support your community and you should support them. They will be around in the event something needs to be fixed, changed, repaired, enlarged, etc., because they do this for a living.

Lastly, picture your wedding as this grand performance. The venue and decor are your stage, your gown, dresses and formal-ware are your costumes, your Dj is the director, conductor and entertainment. Your guests and family are your audience. You and your wife, husband, partner, mate, significant other are the headline stars. Shoot for the Tony Awards or Oscars, this is your time to shine. Leave your guests in awe.