Seven Reasons To Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Seven Technical Reasons why a professional photographer is critical

  1. The ability to quickly adjust camera settings based on different lighting scenes.
  2. The experience and foresight to be prepared for each situation and nuance of a wedding that only comes with shooting a lot of weddings.
  3. Professional wedding photographers will always scope out the wedding venue to be fully prepared for any surprises and to plan out their shooting scenarios.
  4. Experience shooting fleeting moments that you only have one chance to capture. A first kiss typically only lasts 1-2 seconds, and you don’t necessarily know exactly when it is going to happen. The wedding photographer must be staring through his lens, ready and prepared for this moment to happen.
  5. The energy to work non-stop for 12-18 hours without breaks. This is a wedding photographer’s job, they don’t rest or take breaks.
  6. Experience in guiding and directing large group formals. This is where the wedding photographer’s personality and tact are so important
  7. Experience in taking extra shots of crucial pictures such as during the must have photos in case of blinking, awkward expressions, etc.