Ask What Other Events Are Going On At Your Venue

Ninja turtle wedding photo bombs are awesome… or are they? Photo by York Street Creative.Fetish turtle wedding photo bombs are awesome… or are they? Photo by York Street Creative.

Did you hear about the Bride that found out the day of her wedding that there was a fetish party going on at the same venue where her elegant dream wedding had been planned? Then there was the bride that signed the papers for her venue only to find out a secret “anonymous” meeting was being held in the room next door and on  wedding day hordes of some quite interesting characters every 10 minutes would be chain smoking just our side the door to her room. Every time the door opened the AC would suck the smoke in. We have one more for you. The wedding that had to compete with the Mexican band that was in the same building.

It may scare you to think that you might unknowingly subject your guests to guys dressed as little Bo Peep and ladies dressed in leather carrying whips and chains, but this is what can happen when you book in a venue that has the ability to cater to multiple clients at one time.

Having worked in the hotel business for some time, I found one thing that I think every planning bride deserves to know…I have learned through experience that sales managers are frequently a little more preoccupied with making commissions rather than helping orchestrate really quality events. Booking many events at once can be a perfect example of this… While it may not seem like a big deal at first, let’s face it, some celebrations need a little more space or a specific atmosphere to work.I saw this in action recently while I was attending an anime convention (working a booth in the vendor hall with a dear friend). We learned that the hotel hosting the event had also booked not one but two weddings for that same weekend. Now, with the wedding planning stress the poor couples had to deal with already, suddenly they had to cope with hundreds of individuals — in costume — surrounding their ceremony.Further, the mood was soured as the attendees of the convention were treated rather badly by the hotel staff — trying to corral the huge crowd away from the various wedding ceremonies. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m sure the poor employees caught flack from everyone — convention attendees AND both of the wedding parties.All because the sales manager who booked the events saw dollar signs instead of seeing that each event should have the right atmosphere.My advice is to ALWAYS double-check what other events might be going on at your venue on your wedding date. And then politely check back over time, as the calendar of events tend to change over time. Do NOT trust that the event managing staff is going to take care of you.

We bet you are calling up your venues about now.

This is not our original idea, it was inspired by an article from Offbeat Bride