Let Them Eat Puffs

Wedding Cake Alternative

The French call it a Croquembouche. We call it yummy. It’s a sweet alternative to a regular wedding cake. This deletable wedding cake replacement is composed of  profiteroles or cream puffs piled in a conical shape and held together with caramelized sugar. Using tongs guests pull free a couple of “puffs” and place them on their plates, then cover them with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

Don’t let the word French turn you of of this wonderfully different dessert for your wedding. It is  a diamond in the rough and becoming more popular in higher-class Idaho weddings.

The croquembouche has a long history. It appears to have been invented by French pastry chef Antoine Careme (1783-1833) in the late 1700s, when it became very popular as a wedding cake. Many of the individual components such as the cream puffs date to the 1500s, illustrating the long history of fine pastries in France.