Bakery Creates Glazed Donut Wedding Cake

 (Image credit: Dunkin Donuts Bahamas/Facebook)

(Image credit: Dunkin Donuts Bahamas/Facebook)


The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding cakes. The Swiss Pastry Shop in the Bahamas created this wedding cake made out of donuts for the annual wedding show.

A Dunkin’ Donuts manager asked the bakery to create the cake for the wedding show.  They later posted the final cake on their Facebook page.

“We researched it beforehand…so we just kind of incorporated a combination of different designs,” said Manfred Ginter, son of the bakery owner.

It took three people and half a day to create the cake made from 100 glazed donuts.  Little flowers made of modeling chocolate decorated the donuts.  A small section of cake was placed at the top.

“It’s a new idea when most people think of wedding cakes they don’t think of donuts,” Ginter said, “I think it’s a great. It’s very unique.  A lot of people love donuts.  The designs that you can come up with are pretty awesome.”

If you’re craving one for your own wedding, this cake would cost roughly $150 and feed  about 100 people.